Straight Silicone Hose

Straight Silicone Hoses

ACE straight silicone hoses are made of reinforced and knitted polyester fabric with high-quality silicone rubber, which has excellent resistance to high or low temperatures, UV, water, ozone, oxygen and corrosion.

ACE straight silicone hoses are used for turbocharger and supercharger, intercooler, and cooling systems in industries such as commercial truck and bus, marine, agricultural and off highway vehicles, high performance racing vehicles, turbo diesel, and general manufacturing industries.

Technical Details:
Reinforcement: 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- ply polyester fabric Working Pressure: 0.3MPa to 1.2 MPa
Temperature Range: – 60 ºC to + 180 ºC  (-76ºF ~ +356ºF) Colors: Red, blue, yellow, black, green, pink
Quality: Manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality system Remark: Silicone hose is NOT compatible with fuel or oil.
Straight Silicone Hoses Drawing
Item No. Inner Diameter Inner Diameter Length Wall Thickness (mm)
(mm)  (inch) m
MTD1-1-0001 13mm 1/2″ 1m to 6m 4mm
MTD1-1-0002 16mm 5/8″ 1m to 6m 4mm
MTD1-1-0003 19mm 3/4″ 1m to 6m 4mm
MTD1-1-0004 22mm 7/8″ 1m to 6m 4mm
MTD1-1-0005 25mm 1″ 1m to 6m 4mm
MTD1-1-0006 28mm 1 7/8″ 1m to 6m 4mm
MTD1-1-0007 30mm 1 3/16″ 1m to 6m 4mm
MTD1-1-0008 32mm 1 1/4″ 1m to 6m 4mm
MTD1-1-0009 35mm 1 3/8″ 1m to 6m 4mm
MTD1-1-0010 38mm 1 1/2″ 1m to 6m 4mm
MTD1-1-0011 40mm 1 5/8″ 1m to 6m 4mm
MTD1-1-0012 45mm 1 3/4″ 1m to 6m 4mm
MTD1-1-0013 48mm 1 7/8″ 1m to 6m 4mm
MTD1-1-0014 51mm 2″ 1m to 6m 4mm
MTD1-1-0015 55mm 2 1/8″ 1m to 6m 4.5mm
MTD1-1-0016 57mm 2 1/4″ 1m to 6m 4.5mm
MTD1-1-0017 60mm 2 3/8″ 1m to 6m 4.5mm
MTD1-1-0018 65mm 2 1/2″ 1m to 6m 4.5mm
MTD1-1-0019 70mm 2 3/4″ 1m to 6m 4.5mm
MTD1-1-0020 76mm 3″ 1m to 6m 5mm
MTD1-1-0021 80mm 3 1/8″ 1m to 6m 5mm
MTD1-1-0022 85mm 3 1/4″ 1m to 6m 5mm
MTD1-1-0023 89mm 3 1/2″ 1m to 6m 5.5mm
MTD1-1-0024 102mm 4″ 1m to 6m 5.5mm
LARGE DIAMETER HOSE <500mm 1m to 6m 8-20mm

The above all are typical products, special products can be made according to customers’ requirements.